The Virtual Onionskin of Site Design

The following article originated from ENR Technology Today II, June 30th 2014, written by Vicki Speed.

Imagine being in your client’s office and having the ability to develop a site plan right before their eyes.

Civil engineers, architects, land developers and other design professionals are using BLUERIDGE Analytic’s patented SITEOPS® cloud-based software like a digital onionskin to dramatically improve the site development decision-making process.

The tool facilitates the rapid development of 3D conceptual layouts that lets users explore what-if scenarios in real time – all without the need of a conventional CAD system.

With data imported from USGS, ESRI®, or other servers, SITEOPS generates multiple layouts and identifies the least expensive way to meet site constraints, in a fraction of the time it takes with CAD products. Complex rapid prototype layouts, auto-generated grading and storm water plans and cut-and-fill estimates can be created in just a few hours. The ability tho rapid prototype site plans and to interactively work with clients to quickly investigate multiple design options has proven to be a major competitive advantage for SITEOPS users.

Isn’t it time you embrace the future of site design with SITEOPS technology? Clients include Eberly & Associates, Langan Engineering, Little Diversified, Manhard Consulting, McIntosh & Associates, Stantec, Stewart Engineering, Timmons Group, Ware Malcomb, Woolpert and many others worldwide.