Map Limited wins big with help from SITEOPS

Map Limited wins big with help from SITEOPS

Pat Fuhrer, P.E.-Map Limited

Map Limited, a 10-person engineering and land surveying firm in Silverdale, Washington, has seen its share of ups and downs in its 40 years in business. Like most firms in the industry, they have downsized over the past few years due to the downturn of the business climate. Pat Fuhrer, P.E. and Principal Engineer for Map Ltd., knew they had to change the way they approached business if they wanted to survive. The change would come in the form of patented, cloud-based land development software, SITEOPS.
“We began using the entire product suite in mid-2010,” said Fuhrer. “As a result, our business is now on track to grow by 30% to 40% in the next year over last year’s revenue. Thanks to the capabilities we now have with SITEOPS, our future is looking stronger than ever.”

Differentiating from the competition and providing the answers

Not too long ago, Map Ltd.’s reputation and “word- of-mouth” advertising kept the business flowing and plentiful. However, the economic decline in recent years has forced Map Ltd. to compete head- to-head with many other firms in responding to RFPs and RFQs. The timeliness and quality of response are imperative to winning new business.

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“With SITEOPS, we can quickly run numerous layout scenarios, allowing us to differentiate ourselves from the competition when responding to RFQs,” said Fuhrer. “It now takes us only a few hours
to generate a response that is both site and project specific. We efficiently put more project-specific RFQs on the street and compete with less overhead.”
Customer interaction has significantly transformed in that the firm can now answer the “what-if”
scenarios that required extra time and money. Now Map Ltd. can answer these questions in real- time and visualize the answer in full 3D imagery, including preliminary site work construction costs.

“Our clients know we are giving them the most optimized layout and grading plans possible,” said Fuhrer. “Parking lots, for example, have always been tedious to design in the past, but now we can present several different layout options within minutes. When a customer wants to make a change or see a different option, we can show them on the spot.”

In addition, Map Ltd. is confidently producing balanced and optimized site plans for clients to choose from up front, and, in turn, winning more business than ever before. In the past, designs were done with best guesses. If there was a problem or change during construction, the client would have to revise their permits, costing the project months of delays. Now, with SITEOPS, potential site problems are detected at the beginning, eliminating the unnecessary costs and risks.

Bremerton Motor Sports Park Project

In Washington’s Kitsap County, Bremerton Motor Sports Park approached Map Ltd. to be the civil and survey consultant for a $16 million project that would eventually span 240 acres at completion. Included
in the project were a paved oval track with a Destruction Derby arena, paved space for large autocross events, a 2.5 mile road racing course, a motocross track, a Go Kart track and an RV Park accommodating up to 500 guests, among other amenities.

Though the project promised enormous opportunity, there were numerous design challenges to be conquered. The 240 acres of very rough terrain held challenges such as 125 feet of vertical relief, difficult and varied topography, an old landfill that had specific grading constraints, and the incorporation of varied banking requirements for each type of race track. The client also expressed concerns regarding construction costs and required real-time cost estimates for each phase. Because of SITEOPS, the client was confident in the design feasibility and that the grading cost has been optimized for the entire build, enabling them to effectively plan for budget and permitting of the entire project up front.“Thanks to SITEOPS, our meeting went from being a presentation to a job interview,” said Fuhrer. “It took us less than two days to input and analyze several options for their entire site, including all future phases of the project.”

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“The beauty of SITEOPS, in this instance, was the capability to show our client, in 3D, where all the elevations needed to be for each phase in the future,” said Fuhrer. “With SITEOPS Grading and Piping module, we can actually show customers the most economical options for their site design, visualizing all potential design options.”

Map Ltd. responded the same week with a few different layout options for each phase, including a multitude of different circulation and parking lot configurations.
Their ability to provide so many alternatives within such a short time frame, as well as make changes on the fly, set them apart from the competition.