‘Seminar Sponsor: SITEOPS’ – feature article in ASCE Orange County Newsletter

ASCE Orange County Newsletter – July 2012

During the conceptual design phase of land design, you may have been faced with the familiar dilemma of “What if?” Your clients want answers to questions such as, “What if we move the building here? What if we added another outparcel? What if we choose another site?” Requests like these can take you days, even weeks, to redesign – a major hindrance in the initial, conceptual phase of a project, costing both valuable time and money. And determining preliminary costs for a project in the conceptual phase can be an estimating game until the design plans are finalized.

If you are using SITEOPS, web-based design software, none of that is an issue. You can evaluate more information in the early stages of a project, as well as produce conceptual site designs faster. What previously took you days or weeks’ worth of work can now be finished in hours – revisions can be completed on the spot for clients within minutes.