Archived Webinars

SITEOPS works with other technologies! -- May 22, 2014

  SITEOPS is ground-breaking site design software that lets you bring your development ideas to life. Whether you're evaluating a prospective building site, exploring "what-if" scenarios, or generating numerous potential layout configurations, SITEOPS will identify the least expensive way to meet all your site constraints. Watch how easy it is to integrate SITEOPS with other technologies!

Residential Planning w/Shea Homes & WSP -- June 25, 2014

Don't miss this opportunity to hear how Shea Homes and WSP are making smart, measurable, up-front decisions about their Residential Site Planning  
"We were amazed when WSP showed us how fast we could perform optimum yield analyses and get initial optimized grading and retaining wall plans and budgets from the software." said Randy Bauer, Director of Community Development and Acquisitions for Trilogy, a division of Shea Homes.
“SITEOPS is a unique tool that has allowed our firm to design more efficiently by evaluating “what-if” scenarios in the early stages of a project.” said Gerald Burke, PE, Project Manager - WSP… “This powerful software gives us the ability to provide our clients with a whole new experience that other firms cannot.”

SITEOPS and AutoCAD Civil 3D -- June 12, 2014

In this webinar, we walk through a site design project, demonstrating how easy it is to integrate SITEOPS into your project workflow.
  • Typical workflow – when to use SITEOPS and when to use Civil 3D®/other CAD programs
  • How SITEOPS integrates with CAD applications such as Civil 3D®
  • SITEOPS LandXML integration into Civil 3D®
  • Migrating data from SITEOPS to Civil 3D®
  • Overview of SITEOPS Multi Pad functionality
  • How firms are using SITEOPS
  • Typical implementation timeline for SITEOPS
Autodesk®, AutoCAD®, and Civil 3D® are registered trademarks of Autodesk Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries.

3D Visualization with Trimble SketchUp -- August 27, 2014

Visualization is a key component in developing a client's recognition of the potential and positive impact of a project, and in many cases will make or break the engineer's proposed design. Creation of an intricate and informative 3D model of a site can be used to enhance the design process, increase client satisfaction, and positively impact a firm's ability to win business.  This webinar will showcase how you can quickly compose and render 3D site models by importing directly from SITEOPS into SketchUp Pro.
  • Create 3D views while still in conceptual design phase
  • Import proposed layouts, including parking lots, driveways, islnds, curbs, parking lines, and building pads into SketchUp
  • Generate budgets with 3D visualization
  • Access Trimble SketchUp 3D Warehouse for millions of 3D visualization models

Hurt & Proffitt “Packs It In” with SITEOPS! -- September 24, 2014

In this webinar, Hurt & Proffitt Engineering will show how they were able to create a multi-use commercial development site that included
  • car wash
  • petroleum filling station
  • parking
  • residential properties
They will discuss the challenges they faced and how SITEOPS was able to expedite the process while providing a 3D rendering for visual reference to assist the developer in understanding the layout options. See how you can do the same!  

Increase Your Competitive Edge With SITEOPS -- November 13, 2014

Business is booming, and you need to ensure that you are staying ahead of the competition by providing the smartest, most cost effective site designs to your clients. Collinson, Oliff & Associates, Inc. (COA) depends on SITEOPS to give them that competitive edge in their professional design services for a wide array of projects — residential, commercial, industrial, and government development projects, from conception to completion.   See how COA maintains its competitive edge. During this SITEOPS webcast, attendees will learn how to:
  • Make smarter design decisions with site optioneering
  • Create conceptual site designs that consider millions of layout, grading, and drainage options within hours
  • Generate project budgets with 3D visualization
  • Rework existing site plans to create the best design possible while reducing environmental impact

Evaluate Site Design Options in Hours Rather than Months -- December 11, 2014

You need to provide your clients with smart, cost-effective site designs in the shortest time frame possible. Learn how to quickly create different site scenarios, with little effort and low overhead, and provide your clients with quality information to make the best decision for the project. Join us to see how Bentley Systems’ SITEOPS can create a facility, evaluate costs, and create 3D visualizations using Web-based GIS data.

  • Make smarter design decisions with "site optioneering"
  • Create conceptual site designs that evaluate millions of layout, grading and drainage options within hours
  • Generate project budgets and 3D visualizations
  • Rework existing site plans to create the best design possible with the least environmental impact