A Smarter Way to do Site Design

Bentley has Acquired SiteOps

Bentley Systems has acquired SITEOPS

  • Quickly compose and render realistic 3D site models by downloading directly from SITEOPS into Trimble SketchUp.
  • Draw multiple vehicle locations and wheel paths, view the swept path of the vehicle’s movement, and determine site feasibility.
  • Quickly create grading and storm water plans for multiple scenarios.
  • Whether your doing residential, industrial, multi-family or more; achieve quick answers on yours "what-if" site design scenarios.
  • Quickly access Esri, USGS and other web based topography and aerial imagery.
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A Smarter Way to do Site Design

Discover the Possibilities

SITEOPS® is ground-breaking 3D civil/site design software that lets you bring your ideas to life in a fraction of the time it takes with CAD products.  Give your clients more up-front options by utilizing our cost effective optimizing tools, found in our grading and storm water and site layout capabilities.

Make smart, measurable, and defendable design decisions while you create and revise site designs in real time. Once you experience the power of SITEOPS, you won’t be able to work without it!